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Meet Judith

Freelance Finance Consultant & Business Plan Creator for SMEs

My areas of expertise are:-

🧭 profit & loss turnaround

🧭 creating business plans
🧭 financial management
🧭 strategic planning
🧭 maximising profit
🧭 business coaching & mentoring

Depending on the individual needs of a business, I can either be the Virtual Finance Director and take on running the financial side of the business as well as providing strategic direction, whilst the owner gets on with doing what they do best and what they enjoy! Or I can work with business owners and their teams providing strategic direction and help them to develop their financial skills and expertise so they are confident on running the business themselves.

I also support business owners to write a clear and concise business plan, which is absolutely crucial. It's a business's roadmap on where they are now, where they want to get to and how they're going to get there. Having a business plan and keeping it refreshed is key to being successful.

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