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Losing two of her nine lives has put life into perspective for businesswoman Judith Hamilton

Judith’s passionate about making a difference and is sharing her knowledge and expertise to support local businesses during these challenging times

Not many of us can say that we’ve walked away from a terrorist attack and been struck by lightning, but owner of Rutland based Evimero, a business growth consultancy can say just that.

Whilst living in Northern Ireland in 1990, Judith attended a rugby match with her policeman boyfriend at the time. When they reversed out of the car park at the end of the match something dropped off the car and her boyfriend went to investigate. It turned out to be a bomb which was later confirmed by the bomb squad as a fully working device and they themselves couldn’t explain why it hadn’t gone off. 3 years later, at another rugby match Judith’s umbrella was struck by lightning. Judith was never quite sure whether to take these experiences as a hint not to go to another rugby match, or to live every day to the full. (she’s now an avid football fan instead!)

And living every day to the full and striving to help others is exactly what Judith has gone on to do.

Like many animal lovers, young Judith had always dreamt of being a vet, but her lack of science skills took her down a different path. Her strengths lay in maths and accountancy which led to her completing an Accounting and Business Degree. Judith found a love for the business side of her university course and later became a Chartered Management Accountant. As a big believer in lifelong learning and challenging yourself, Judith then decided to complete an MBA whilst working full-time and being a mum to 2 amazing children. All of her hard work was fully rewarded with some incredible career opportunities which included 15 years within the NHS, leading to the roles of Deputy Director of Finance and Performance in the Leicestershire and Derbyshire regions.

Judith actively chose to leave her career in the NHS in December 2019 because she wanted to start up a business that could really make a difference and have a positive impact on local SME’s. In April 2020 Evimero was officially launched and she hasn’t looked back.

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